Batman Arkham Knight Trailer Shows Off Playable Characters

A new trailer released today for Batman Arkham Knight has revealed that Batman will not be the only playable character in the campaign. In a feature described as “Dual Play”, you will be able to switch between characters on the fly during the games free flow combat. This new gameplay function looks to improve the overall fluidity of the combat. The additional playable characters revealed so far are Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman. The trailer also shows the return of Azrael, but does not clarify if he will be a playable addition to the title.

The trailer also shows the mysterious Arkham Knight character again. There is still no indication as to the identity of this character. At the very least I hope he is not revealed as the Joker as that character should be sitting this title out. He’s been present in all three games so far. It’s time to let another Batman villain shine.

Batman Arkham Knight will release this June 23 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. There is also a PS4 exclusive bundle available, which in addition to featuring the game, will come with a custom steel grey PS4 console.

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