Resident Evil 6 Coming to Current Gen Consoles?

A few months back, it came to light that Resident Evil 6 has been rated for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One by the Korean game Rating Board. While this was by no means a confirmation of an upcoming release, it is likely that Capcom would release the title on the current gen. Capcom made several comments last summer regarding their interest in remastering more titles.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise. As of now there is no numbered entry into the franchise planned for release this year. The spin off title Umbrella Corps will be releasing at some point this year. Additionally, work has begun on a Resident Evil 2 Remake. It is also extremely unlikely that a Resident Evil 7 will be releasing this year, mainly since it has yet to be announced.

Crave Online have reported that Capcom have reached out to certain media outlets asking for approval for quotes relating to Resident Evil 6. Now this is interesting as it can be taken two ways. Firstly, Capcom could plan on using these quotes as part of an awareness campaign for the franchise as a whole. Secondly, Capcom plan on using the quotes to advertise a re-release on the current gen.

Now if Capcom do release Resident Evil 6 on current gen there is a strong possibility that they could bundle Resident Evil 5 alongside it for “added value”. Resident Evil 4 could also be included in this bundle as a collection of the “modern” versions of the franchise. This would provide a nice contrast to the Origins collection, containing Resident Evil 1 and Zero, released earlier this year.

Whatever the plan ends up being you should expect an announcement rather soon. The 20th anniversary is on March 22nd and that is probably the latest time we’ll see an announcement relating to this. As always take these rumours with a grain of salt.

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