Rumour: Huge Dark Souls 3 Leak

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Gaming channel The Know have presented a ton of Dark Souls 3 screenshots and info in their latest video. You might know them as the people who posted the recent Silent Hills rumour. This time however, they have screenshots, and those are much harder to debunk.

In their video they spoke about several new mechanics and gameplay details, but it should be noted that they said they weren’t huge followers of the series. As such they may have interpreted some of the information incorrectly.

The game will apparently be releasing for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016. A PC version is listed as “negotiable”. To me this draws a bunch of red flags. The series has sold tremendously well on PC up to this point and it would be a huge mistake for From Software to skip PC this time around. They state that the game will be 1-4 players, this seems to be in line with previous entries. Either two summons and one invader like the original titles, or three summons like the Scholar of The First Sin edition.

There will be 10 playable classes to select at the beginning of the game. It will have 45 new enemies and  15 new bosses. The use of the word new is curious as it implies that enemies and bosses from previous entries will be reused. This is interesting as Dark Souls 2 didn’t reuse that many enemies or bosses. The game will have 12 separate areas, and 100 new weapons and 40 new armour sets, again implying returning items.

The game will apparently have 60 mins of cutscenes, that are mostly in engine rather than pre-rendered. This is odd as the previous entries didn’t exactly have very many cutscenes, but the ones it did have weren’t pre-rendered.

The online component will apparently feature “Sacrifice Ceremonies”. These will allow you to sacrifice bodies (other players?) to visit some other player’s game. This will supposedly put a bounty over your head, and draw other players to you. This can change the light sources in the area and the enemy layouts.

The boss battles will have a new mechanic called “heat up” which can completely change the boss battles. They compare this to the world and character tendency of Demon’s Souls.  There will also be “sword fighting arts” including “rush in” and “circle”, the former sacrificing health for an attack and the later could be a dodge.

You can check out the video below for more info that is not transcribed in this post. As always take rumours with a grain of salt, there’s a little over a week left until E3. If Dark Souls 3 is real, all will be revealed then.


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