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Retro Rant: Streets of Rage

Today, we’re going to take a look back at side scrolling beat-em up classic, Streets of Rage. Right from the get go, the player is sucked in as 8-bit music gets the adrenaline going...

Satoru Iwata Has Passed away Aged 55 0

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

Early this morning, Nintendo of Japan released a statement announcing the death of their President Satoru Iwata. He passed away due to complications relating to a tumor on his bile duct, he was 55 years old....

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Retro Rant: Comix Zone

Comix Zone – Sega Megadrive, PC, Gameboy Advance – Sega – 1995 After playing Streets of Rage and the Scot Pilgrim game recently, I had an itch for an arcade style beat ’em up...