Halo Online Announced For Russian Release

Halo is finally returning to PC, but not in the form you may have expected. Microsoft are releasing Halo Online, a free-to-play title that will be available exclusively in Russia. There isn’t much information available so far, but it has been confirmed that this is indeed a new title.

The game will be based on the Halo 3 engine with graphical fidelity on par with Halo 4. Saber Interactive will be handling development. The matches will range from 4 to 16 players, and there will be the usual power-ups and pick ups on the battlefield. The title will have rich visual and gameplay customization of weapons and armour. There will also be playable vehicles.

The free-to-play aspects of the title will mostly affect the weapons, armour and power-ups. The developers have also said nothing of a possible story mode, it is very likely that the game will be multiplayer/PVP only. 343 Industries presented the title themselves at an event in Russia. They have stated that there will be a closed beta starting soon. There will be typical free-to-play style trials and missions like “Killing 30 enemies daily”. One of the locations featured in the game will be a Russian city.

It is currently possible to sign up for the beta, however, since the game will be made available exclusively in Russian, it would be difficult to play the game unless you were somewhat experienced with the Russian language. With any hope the game will not remain exclusively playable in Russian. The Halo games have been missing from PC for far too long, hopefully this is a sign that perhaps the Xbox exclusive titles will come to PC at some point in the future.

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