New Horizon Zero Dawn Footage

Earlier today at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference, Guerrilla games showed off some new gameplay footage of Horizon Zero Dawn. Sony have since uploaded the above 8 minute walkthrough. This video contains some minor differences to the initial showing.

The footage shows Aloy hunting for supplies when she’s attacked by a massive Thunder Jaw. You can watch one of the many ways this mighty beast can be taken down. You also get a small look at the crafting features present in the title.

It’s refreshing to see Guerrilla take a break from the Killzone franchise and work on something new. If this game plays even half as good as it looks then it may just be a game of the year contender next year. Even considering all the huge releases in 2016, the fact that it is a brand new IP is certainly in it’s favour.

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action RPG, developed by Guerrilla Games. It will release some time in 2016, exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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