April Fool’s Day Roundup

On April Fool’s it’s better to err on the side of caution rather than report on everything you read. We’ve compiled a selection of some of the best gaming related April’s fools announcements, hope you enjoy them!

Dying Light gets altered physics for 24 hours. Punching and kicking the undead now sends them flying off into the air, check this out while it lasts.

Evolution Studios have released a Motorstorm style buggy as DLC for DriveClub. This one is more of a ridiculous present than a joke.

Samsung announce the Galaxy Blade, no kitchen should be without one of these!

Battle for Middle Earth 3: Battle of the Five Armies announced!? Nope, another joke.

Sony announce PlayStation Flow, the most ridiculous wearable imaginable. The announcement video shows they went all in on this.

MS Dos for Windows Mobile. Do you wish that MS Dos was back? No? I didn’t think so anyway…

Do you want a Steam machine that’s Steam Powered, you can now live out all your steampunk fantasies with this coal powered box.

Check out the Razer Hovering Mouse – Project McFly.

Blizzard delivering as always with ridiculous patch notes for Hearthstone. T.I.N.D.R for your followers in World of Warcraft. They also unveil their answer to emoticons B’Motes. Heroes of the Storm adds a hilarious Big Head Mode, in game, today only.

War Thunder adds a Russian Mech to their historically accurate war game.

SpeedRunners gets pixelated and adds 8 BIT soundtrack.

Nintendo and Platinum Games join forces for Starfox Horizons.

Be sure to check some of these out if you have the games mentioned. After today we reckon most of these will be gone and relegated to being a footnote on a Wikipedia page somewhere.

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