Bethesda Launch Fallout Teaser Site

Bethesda have launched a teaser site for the new Fallout title, presumed to be called Fallout 4. The site currently shows a countdown timer. It is expected that Bethesda will show off the new title when the countdown ends. Previously it had been thought that Bethesda would show off the game for the first time at their inaugural E3 press conference this year, but clearly this is no longer the case.

Members of the forum Neogaf have went through the CSS of the site and discovered references to the PS4, Xbox One and Steam, but curiously also the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It would be a very interesting development if the new Fallout game was indeed coming to older consoles. Lately the majority of publishers have been abandoning the older consoles in favour of the current gen as the adoption has been steadily increasing. If the game is indeed coming to these systems then the title is could very well be held back by the constraints of the older consoles, hopefully this is not the case.

We will have more information either tomorrow when the countdown ends, or if there are any leaks in the meantime.

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