Transformers Devastation Information Leaks

UPDATE: A listing for the game has appeared on Best Buy’s Canadian site. This backs up some of the speculation from our original post. It also confirms the game will be multiplatform and that Platinum Games are handling development. Our original article follows.

A new Transformers game has been leaked ahead of this years E3 conference, by an Xbox Only website.

The site claims a source has confirmed the new game will be a cell-shaded brawler, released by Activision under the name, Transformers Devastation. Aside from a number of screenshots not much is confirmed about the title, the website assumes there will be an Xbox One release, however there is currently no information if the game will be multi-platform.

Optimus Prime Vs Devastator

Optimus Prime Vs Devastator

There is some speculation that Transformers Devastation may be Platinum Games reveal this year, on the grounds that the developers were in collaboration with Activision for the Legend of Korra. Platinum Games official twitter account, which you can check here , have not commented on the leak or any of the speculation. Their latest post showing a trailer announcement for Scalebound.

BumbleBee firing shots

Bumblebee firing shots

The last Transformers game to be released was Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark, in 2013. It was a third person shooter set between the previous game, Fall of Cybertron and the latest movie, Age of Extinction. It was received unfavorably, selling only 0.11 million units worldwide. Should the new game prove to be a reality, the change from shooter to brawler could be a refreshing one.

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