E3 Rumours and Speculation 2015

In advance of E3 there are always rumours people hear or read about. A good portion of what many assume are leaks end up being lies made up to troll unsuspecting gamers. Before E3 this is all too common, so in this post we wanted to compile a selection of rumors we’ve read about combined with some speculation on our part concerning titles that may show up.

To begin, we might as well look at the title many consider to be vaporware, The Last Guardian. The Last Guardian was announced by Sony as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title at E3 in 2009. Little has been heard about the title since then and rumours have surfaced quite regularly about it’s alleged cancellation. Sony have insisted as recently as February of this year that the game is still in development. It’s a certainty that the game is a PS4 exclusive at this point. Personally I believe that if the game surfaces at E3 this year, it had damn well better be at most six months out from release. At this stage of the game, Sony need to re-unveil this game and get it out. There’s no point in showing this off and giving a TBC release date. It’s do or die for the game at this point. So, will it be at E3 this year? It’s doubtful but with Sony, they could pop it out as a final surprise.

Microsoft’s Gears of War Remaster… I don’t think you can consider this a rumour anymore. There has been a multitude of leaks regarding this, including leaked footage of the game running while it was being Beta tested. At this point it’s weird that Microsoft haven’t just confirmed its existence and shown an official trailer already. Without a doubt you’ll be hearing more about this at E3. In addition to this, I’d say there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing a new installment in the series in some form or another. Either a small burst of gameplay footage or a pre-rendered trailer. The Coalition (formerly Black Tusk Games) aren’t likely to come to E3 just to show off a remaster.

Retro Studios, the developer behind the Metroid Prime Trilogy and the Donkey Kong Country games teased an E3 presence via their twitter. They did not hint at what they would be showing. Many people are probably hoping for a new entry into the Metroid series as there has not been a title released since 2010. If I were to place a bet it would be on a new Metroid game, only due to the amount of time having passed since the previous iteration. There has also been speculation about some third party collaborations with Nintendo. I consider this unlikely as history has shown that Nintendo has been hesitant to open their wallet for support. Then again the massive success of the Amiibo figures may have spurred certain developers to consider the Wii U as a viable option again. This one could be interesting if there’s any truth to it.

Rare, the company behind the Banjo-Kazooie and Conker games will likely be showing off something at Microsoft’s conference. The subtle hints on their twitter along with the head of Xbox wearing a Battletoads shirt recently would lead me to believe that MS are hinting at something. Maybe Rare themselves will be making a large announcement or there will be an announcement regarding one of their IP’s making a triumphant return. Could they revive the Banjo-Kazooie series in light of the successful Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter campaign? We’ll have to wait until Monday to find out.

Sony’s Guerrilla Games could be showing off their new IP presumably titled Horizon. Last year concept art surfaced showing off what is believed to be a western RPG that includes mechanical dinosaurs. Dutch journalists have also hinted that this will be shown, Guerrilla being a Dutch studio lends credence to their leaks. I’d say it’s likely that Guerrilla will be at E3 to either unveil Horizon or show off a new Killzone title, or maybe both.

Onto Dark Souls 3, we touched on this one last week but it looks as though it’s a certainty now. Dark Souls 3 will be announced at E3 and it’s likely to be coming early 2016. Honestly I hope this isn’t all From Software are bring to E3, Bloodborne DLC would make the show for me.

A title called Gran Turismo Sports appeared on a Croatian online retailer, only to disappear shortly after. It’s hard to say what this might be, a simple error, a new GT game developed by a studio other than Polyphony Digital, or removing the numbering from the franchise going forward. This was something Sony did with both Killzone and inFamous, so there is basis for this. Polyphony Digital themselves stated that we will have Gran Turismo 7 before 2016, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them at Sony’s conference.

This isn’t a complete list of all the rumours, it’s just a small list combined with some speculation by us, I’m going to leave it at this for now, but just for fun I’ll end with a list of games/announcements that may be likely and most that are not, but wouldn’t that be a fun E3? Only two days left until E3 now, so not much longer to wait, we will have all our answers come Monday.

  • A new Shenmue or a HD collection of 1 & 2
  • A Final Fantasy VII Remake
  • A new Breath of Fire
  • A new Suikoden
  • Nintendo unveiling the NX
  • NX is a handheld console hybrid
  • Titanfall 2
  • A new Final Fantasy title
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • a new inFamous title
  • God of War 4
  • Metal Gear Rising 2
  • Banjo-Threeie
  • PS Vita price drop
  • Ubisoft Naval/Pirate game based on Assassin’s Creed IV
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