Ubisoft E3 2015 Roundup

In this Ubisoft E3 2015 roundup  post we will be giving you all the big new and announcements from the Ubisoft E3 2015 press conference in easy to read bite sized chunks.

Ubisoft open with a sequel to the very popular Stick of Truth. No longer going for the fantasy and switching it up for a superhero theme. It’s called South Park The Fractured, But Whole. This coming as a shock as the South Park creators once said they would never make a video game again. Nothing much announced other then you’re a new kid in the town once again. We can easily see this game becoming just as anticipated as the previous if not more.

New IP up now, For Honour. A melee based fantasy game that has you playing as a Knight, Viking or a Samurai. Live Multiplayer demo shown playing on the PS4 they show off this brutal fun Dynasty Warriors esque game, the combat is more complicated but it looks like a great new IP. It was a short but very sweet teaser to this game. One to keep an eye and to hope it lives up to what it shows.

Announcing something to do with The Crew DLC. Hopefully more to come in the future. As well as DLC for trails fusions ”Awesome level max” bringing the qwirky madness from recent games to their franchise.

The Division is being shown again for the second time today. A game that has been looked at and waited for 3 years but still has not released. Showing new content that seems to look the same thing they’ve have shown for the last 3 years. They actually shows something new, you can turn on each other and steal loot. This should be interesting when we finally get to play it.

Here’s their new city builder set on the moon! Anno 2205. Making your way from earth to the moon to build your own city. They showed off some gameplay, it looks very slick and similar to the previous entries, but with technological advancements. Interesing but not much to go on right now.

Showing off their rather popular Let’s Dance series.With a live performance promoting the new soundtrack. Coming out for all consoles but offering a steaming subscription giving you new tracks each month for PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

They then showed off a new stunning trailer for Rainbow Six: Siege. The trailer is looking as if there is more to the game than just multiplayer. A different mode is revealed with storyline based multiplayer from the looks of things.

Trackmania Turbo, a fast paced insane racing game with break neck speeds and some tricky tracks is up now. It’s already out on the PC, but it’s now coming to consoles this year with 400 tracks and randomly generated tracks, and user created tracks.

On to their most popular franchise now with Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. Starting us off with a new gang based cinematic. They’re showing a little more of the character and the group. Nothing on gameplay at all. Seems they wanted to hint at the gang mechanics first and foremost.

A new action packed and exciting cinematic trailer for Ghost Recon Wild Land’s. Some gameplay has been chucked in for good measure. Bringing in multiple options of how you complete you missions, be it stealthy or balls to the walls shooting everything, the option is up to you. This is an open world title, a Ghost Recon first. And that’s the final game shown.

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