The Art of Dragon Age: Inquisition | Book Review

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Before every game is released, whether it is a massive title that’s highly anticipated or the smaller independent developed one. A great deal of work goes into their creation. Here we take a look at the artwork that is responsible for bringing to life so many unforgettable characters and worlds that have left a profound impact on all of us.

Dragon Age Inquisition is the third in a series of games developed by Bioware. Set in the fantasy fictional world of Thedas, it is an action role-playing game. Surviving a massive explosion from an unknown source while attending a peace conference between the Mages and Templars. As the player’s journey begins, we are led into such a vast and beautiful world.

The Art of Dragon Age Inquisition is a fantastic book and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived. Advertised as 184 pages it has a whopping 264 pages bound in a hardcover and nicely presented. The entire book is full of solid artwork from beginning to end. With brief descriptions of ideas and influences given to us throughout we are able to get an understanding for the artists work. The art of character design, backgrounds and landscapes, weaponry and props along with creature designs are shown in massive detail. Story boards coupled with artwork of a finalized scene for the game itself show us a scene’s development. It almost feels as if nothing has been left out and the artists really wanted you to see everything about this extensive world they have created.

The artwork is heavily inspired by medieval and mythological times. Castles and forts in rich and scenic environments, dark and mysterious caves and awe inspiring┬ádesert landscapes help give form and shape to Thedas. When it comes to designing the characters along with their attire a great deal of in depth drawings are presented showing off the various characters uniqueness’s and process. The artwork is digitally done and in a painted style. Full scale pieces some taking up two pages, rough work and sketches are abundant throughout.

Every page of this┬ámassive 264 page behemoth is of the highest quality and not a single image is presented poorly. Being a fan of the game itself I loved this as it really adds to the Dragon Age experience. This is a great book to have for fans of the game as well as anyone interested in fantasy artwork. Available to purchase from Amazon and Dark Horse’s website it’s worth every cent.

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