Next World of Warcraft Expansion Will Be Revealed At GamesCom

Blizzard have confirmed that they will be unveiling the next World of Warcraft expansion during Gamescom. The conference dedicated to the expansion reveal will be taking place on the 6th of August. This marks the first time a World of Warcraft expansion has been revealed outside of BlizzCon.

Prior to this confirmation there was quite a bit of speculation that the next expansion would be revealed. It made sense considering Blizzard have wanted to get the expansions out on a much tighter schedule for years now. Between Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor, there was a 15 month gap between the last new content patch of Mists and the release of Warlords.

Such a large gap between new content releases has been detrimental to WoW subscriber numbers in recent years. Players with no new content to entertain them, stop playing. If Blizzard can indeed churn out another expansion this quickly it would be a boon for the current playerbase. It was also be a reason to keep a subscription active.

Our main hope is that the next expansion for World of Warcraft is a return to form. Warlords of Draenor is probably the most disappointing expansion so far. There has been a distinct lack of new content added in post release patches. Additionally it had the least amount of new content for an expansion so far. I can only hope that their haste in revealing a new Expansion does not mean another barebones release from Blizzard.

The sixth World of Warcraft expansion won’t be the only new info you can expect from Blizzard at GamesCom. They will also have another press conference on August 5th in relation to their other titles. There will likely be some new information on the next Hearthstone expansion and on the release of Overwatch. A release date for the final Starcraft expansion is also expected.

Source: Blizzard

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