Destiny’s DLC Will Be Handled Differently This Year

In a somewhat unexpected move, Bungie will be adding microtrasactions to Destiny. Understandably, hearing that word may raise some red flags for people, but this implementation might not be so bad. The intent of the microtransaction store is to supplement free future content updates to Destiny.

From the sounds of things, there won’t be DLC drops like The Dark Below or House of Wolves this time around. There will be a smaller, constant stream of updates throughout the year with new content (until the next big Destiny release anyway). This is similar to how Blizzard handles content updates for World of Warcraft after each expansion.

The microtransactions will solely be for cosmetic items. The items will be sold by Tess Everis, courtesy of the Eververse Trading Company. You will be able to buy things like emotes or sparrow skins for real money. Since cosmetic DLC has no bearing on the game though, if you don’t want it, you’ll never have to buy it. No new gameplay content will be locked behind the cosmetic DLC, Bungie themselves have stated as much here.

Provided the content on sale remains cosmetic this will be fine for most players. The only concern is that Bungie could end up selling weapons or armour. This would lead down a very slippery slope as DLC weapons would presumably have better stats than drops. If that ever happened the DLC would no longer be optional, it would be a necessity to some players for progression. Let’s hope that doesn’t become the case with Destiny. The Taken King expansion has improved on most of the negative aspects of the original release. With any luck the series will continue in a positive direction.

The microtransaction store will open on October 13th and Bungie have stated that they will be dropping some silver (the new currency) into all players accounts so they can buy something from it. The next big Destiny release is still set to be Destiny 2 next year and if this report is accurate, that could be the next time you have to pay for Destiny content.

Source: Kotaku

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