Heroes of Havoc Launches For iOS in Ireland

Heroes of Havoc: Idle Adventures has launched in Ireland on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. UK studio Kiz Studios has decided to launch the game in Ireland before anywhere else. This means that Irish gamers will be the first in the world to experience this brand new RPG.

In Heroes of Havoc, players will battle through a stunning 3D monster infested world. They will develop skills and recruit a team from over 50 different heroes. Players can then mix and match their combined 200 unique abilities to get best effect. You can play through the endless campaign filled with daily challenges and trials. Additionally you will be able to evolve and upgrade your heroes to unlock new skills.

Players can crush opponents in the online PvP area to rise through seasonal leaderboards. Ranking on here will win you unique heroes and gear. The game also features an offline mode, allowing your squad to continue battling while the game isn’t running, giving you lots of new items to equip your team when you return for the next play session.

“We chose Ireland as a launch market for a number of reasons” said Craig Albeck, Director of Publishing & Promotions at Kiz Studios. “Having feedback and data from the Irish gaming community will allow us to hone our gameplay balance ahead of a global launch, and give Irish players a head start in the leaderboards”

Heroes of Havoc: Idle Adventures is available now in Ireland at this link , or by searching the iTunes Ireland store. The game is available iPhones, iPads & iPod Touch’s running iOS 8.0 or higher. More information about the developer and the game can be found here.

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