Suikoden 3 Receives PEGI Rating

Suikoden 3 has received a PEGI rating, for release in Europe for the first time ever since its release in Japan and the US in 2002.

Fans of the series only got to play the original two games, and the fourth and fifth installments which served as prequels.This meant that most EU players have never seen the games chronological conclusion to date, unless they had access to a US PS2.

This news comes just 11 hours after the game appeared on the Japanese PSN store, and one day ahead of the Suikoden Revival Movement’s, ‘Operation Fire Bringer’ a social media campaign to put pressure on Konami and Sony to re-release the game.

While Konami have not mentioned any plans to release the game on any of their social media sites, but the PEGI rating has been confirmed here, and a release is likely.

Earlier in the year the Suikoden Revival Movement, a globally united fan group of the series, helped to see the release of the original two games. They had become so rare in the pal region that people were paying triple figures on ebay to get their hands on a copy. The games were released at a very reasonable price and had cross platform support for PS3, PSP and PSVita.  A similar rating had been spotted online just weeks before the announcement that the games were being re-released.

Fans have speculated that if the earlier games sold well, then the third installment would be released, which if it sells well, could possibly spark production of a sixth game and revive the series.

‘Operation Fire Bringer’ is still likely to go ahead on social media tomorrow, as there have been no announcements yet concerning a US release or Australia, which is part of the PAL region.


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