Until Dawn Gets Release Date

Until Dawn has finally got a release date locked in, the title will be coming to PlayStation 4 on the 28th of August in the UK & Ireland (26th August in the EU). The game was initially supposed to release on the PS3, but extended development time necessitated the move to the PS4. The title is an interactive horror game where you make choices largely through the use of QTE(Quick Time Events).

In the title there are eight playable characters and it’s up to you to keep them alive. Each character can die and that will subsequently effect the remainder of your playthrough and the games ending. It is the developers intent that you will play through the game multiple times, as one playthrough will not be enough to get the complete story. Each playthrough should take players roughly about nine hours dependent on what decisions they make. The games mechanics revolve around a “Butterfly Effect” system where each choice the player makes can have unforeseen circumstances later in the game. It will be possible to keep all the characters alive or to let them all die. There may also be situations, as a result of player actions, where a choice must be made to sacrifice one character in order to save another.

Supermassive Games also announced today that Peter Stormare will be joining the cast of the game. There will be a bonus scene, made available day one provided you pre-order the title. There will be three editions of Until Dawn: a standard edition, an extended edition and a steelbook edition. Sony did not clarify what exactly the content of these editions will be, and said details will be forthcoming. It’s safe to assume that there will be more information and footage of Until Dawn made available at E3 in the coming weeks.


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