Steam Controller Explained In New Video

Have you wondered what it would be like to use the Steam Controller? Valve have finally answered your question with this new video detailing its functionality. The video shows off how you can use the controller to simulate a keyboard and mouse for certain games, while retaining the normal controller functionality in others.

The Steam Controller has dual trackpads that enable 1:1 precision positioning in PC games much like a trackball or a steering wheel. All aspects of the controller are fully programmable by the user and you can download popular controller mappings uploaded by the Steam Community. You can also share the ones you create. The trackpads have haptic feedback so even the tiniest of inputs will offer feedback to the player in the form of vibrations.

The controller is currently available for pre-order on the Steam website for €54.99. There will be a limited number of pre-orders shipped on October 16th, a few weeks ahead of the official launch in November. You can also bundle the controller with the Steam Link device. Just in case you haven’t heard of it, the Steam Link is a device that allows you to stream your PC games to any room of the house, much like the PS TV. The Steam Link will also cost €54.99.

Valve are clearly making great strides to show people that PC gaming can be enjoyed from the couch. These two new pieces of hardware, along with the dedicated Steam boxes running Steam OS releasing later this year are all attempts to make PC gaming more mainstream. Valve are trying to position their service as a viable alternative to the big three, and from the way they’re going about it, it just might work. We will review the Steam Controller when it releases later this year.

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