Sony E3 2015 Roundup

In this Sony E3 2015 roundup we give you all the big announcements from the Sony press conference in bite sized chunks.

Sony open with The Last Guardian, coming to PS4 2016. The game looks a lot like its predecessors, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It looks a little rough for a PS4 game but from the trailer, it seems it will be full of tense moments.

Next up, we have Horizon: Zero Dawn. We’re looking at a post apocalyptic style RPG featuring the tribal remnants of humanity VS giant robotic dinosaurs, in a lush green world. Interesting concept and the action looks entertaining.

Following from Horizon, we get a look at the new Hitman Game. Playstation will have a console exclusive beta, and they boast it will be the most ambitious Hitman game to date.

The hype is raised a bit with the PS4 exclusive Street Fighter 5. A public beta for the Capcom game will be available July 23.

No Mans Sky follows Street Fighter. A great concept, the scale of the game is massive. Players will be faced with countless unexplored worlds, space and ground combat. A vast sci-fi exploration game.

Next we get a look at another interesting, yet bizzare concept, a game called Dreams by Media Molecule. Players will create a world from scratch using the PS4 controls gestures. Whatever is created can be animated and brought to life. More to follow at the Paris games expo.

We get a quick look at Firewatch not a lot of information on this one.

Some Destiny DLC will arrive in September under the name, The Taken King. It appears similar to the main game.

A second look at Assassins Creed Syndicate. PS4 will have access to exclusive missions under the name, The Terrible Crimes.

Next we get a look at an timed exclusive game for PS4 and Vita, World of Final Fantasy. Colourful Chibi characters abound.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is confirmed for PS4 exclusive. Given how this has been hinted in the past and never delivered upon, it may come as a complete shock. No release date given as of yet. Expect the internet to implode on itself over this one folks.

Shenmue 3 follows on after the shock reveal of Final Fantasy 7’s reveal. This game is a kickstarter project and will likely be funded quickly.

Next up we get some more trailers of  Batman Arkham Knight. Some creepy and disturbing scenes, unsettling.

Project Morpheous makes an appearence. Playstation Vue, the paid TV service and Spotify get an introduction.

PS4 will get served DLC for Call of Duty Black Ops3 before any other console, due to partnership with Activision. PS4 players will get access to the upcoming multiplayer beta before anyone else.

Disney Infinity 3.0 to get timed PS4 exclusive Star Wars starter pack to be released one month before any other console. Timed exclusive Boba Fett character also mentioned.

Another look at Star Wars Battlefront follows.

Sony finishing strong with the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thiefs End. Action packed gameplay, and for the first time, players get to drive vehicles.

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