Journey Arrives July 21st On PS4

Journey, one of 2012’s finest PlayStation 3 titles is finally coming to PlayStation 4 on July 21st. As you can see in the trailer above, the game looks better than ever. It will at 1080p 60fps, a noticeable improvement from the PS3 version. If you have already bought the title digitally on PS3 will be able to download the PS4 version free of charge.

This is a game that while short, never plays out the same way twice. It has a simple premise, ascend the mountain in the distance. How you get there is up to you and that’s the beauty of it. You can complete a journey without ever coming across another player. Alternatively, you could find someone to help you find your way if you get lost or stuck. Players can be benevolent or mischievous and it all really adds to the game. Everyone will have a different experience when they play it.

Journey PS4

Sony have called for fans to share their Journey experiences. You can share “What Your Journey Experience Meant To You” and watch it all come together at They want everyone to share their their testimonials on the social network of their choice along with the hashtag #OurJourney. The site will feature the shared memories of all the players who participate in the event. If you look at what’s currently on the site, you can see that the game meant a lot to quite a substantial number of people.

Journey is a title that moves people and it evokes a different experience for all who play it. It is without a doubt one of the best titles released for the PS3. You would be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring this game. An emotional and imaginative experience, thatgamecompany created their masterwork with Journey. I cannot recommend this game enough. Do yourself a favour and pick it up when it releases on July 21st, you will not regret it.

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