All Street Fighter V DLC Characters Will Be Earnable For Free

Surprising Street Fighter V news has come from a panel at EVO ’15. All of the post launch gameplay content for the game will be available for free, just by playing the game. This is a move that is unprecedented for Capcom. Considering all the hatred that has developed for DLC in general, moves like this go a long way towards regaining customer trust.

Street Fighter V will have 16 playable fighters at launch, 4 of these will be new additions to the Street Fighter franchise. Capcom plan to continuously add more fighters post launch. As you play the game you will earn an in game currency called Fight Money, this will be used to purchase additional in game content, including new characters. Alternatively you will be able to buy another currency called ZENNY, with real money. ZENNY is a premium currency which will unlock new DLC immediately.

Capcom took a look back at their release system for the multiple Street Fighter IV variants. They concluded that a release pattern like that was a bad choice, both for them and consumers. Players were required to buy each new version even if they had no interest in the new content. This split the players across all games, with the newest release generally having the largest player pool. Multiple full price releases containing incremental updates is not a good business strategy. Thankfully Capcom look to have learned the error of their ways.

The plan for Street Fighter V is to have the release version be the only version of the game. Any additional content will be purchased at your own discretion. This avoids splitting the players. Regular release of new fighters ensures there is always new content to look forward to, and keeps the competitive scene fresh. Essentially Capcom want the mindset to be, the more you play, the more you’re rewarded.

This is all fantastic news, but let’s be honest here… Capcom have really dropped the ball on naming their in game currency. ZENNY??? We all know it should be called Bison Dollars!

Bison Dollars Street Fighter V

100 Bison Dollar Note

Street Fighter V will be releasing sometime in 2015 exclusively for PS4.

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