Dark Souls III Will Have A Season Pass

Pre-orders for Dark Souls III are now active on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam. With this comes the ability to pre-order a deluxe edition of the game. The deluxe edition comes with a Season Pass that was previously unannounced. The store description on Steam promises two DLC packs at a discount when buying the pass. The DLC packs will include new maps, bosses, enemies and additional weapon and armor sets.

The news of a season pass does not come as much of a surprise. All souls games since Demon’s Souls have had DLC releases of varying size. The previous entry, Dark Souls II, had a season pass that came with 3 DLC packs. Normally the news of a season pass being announced prior to a games launch would have us worried. However, From Software have always delivered in terms of quality with their DLC releases. In Dark Souls II, the DLC actually surpassed the quality of the main game by a large margin. This leaves us confident that the DLC will be worth it, especially for fans of the franchise.

Dark Souls 3 will allegedly be the last game in the series. Thankfully Hidetaka Miyazaki is once again in charge of the project. He handed the development of Dark Souls II to a secondary team while he worked on Bloodborne. This should bring the quality of the series back up to the standards of the first game, after what was a lackluster sequel. The early footage of the game definitely gives this impression. The sluggishness is gone, it is replaced by faster movement and attacks. This style of gameplay is more like Bloodborne or Demon’s Souls than the previous two Dark Souls entries. This sequel has the possibility to be the most well realised release in the series so far.

Dark Souls III will release April 12th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on PC.

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