Gran Turismo Sport Gets a Launch Date

After months of waiting Sony have finally announced that Gran Turismo Sport will be launching November 18th on PlayStation 4. The game will reportedly feature 137 cars, 19 locations and 27 track layouts of these locations. They have also released a trailer, you can view it above.

Since this was initially advertised as sort of an e-sports hybrid game, it’s nice to see that Polyphony Digital are not skipping the traditional arcade mode in this release. Gran Turismo Sport will feature 117 events in offline mode. The modes available in the game are as follows; Arcade Mode, Campaign, Brand Central, Sport Mode, Social Features, Livery Editor and Scapes. In Scapes mode, you will be able to place cars on stunning landscape photos. This enables you to take brilliant pictures with your cars in over 1000 spots.

Series producer Kazunori Yamauchi has stated that the previously announced beta will probably not go ahead. This is to release the game sooner, as the beta would have delayed the game by about three months. There has also been no mention of the titles PlayStation VR compatibility as of yet.

There are several different editions of Gran Turismo Sport that are now available for pre-order. There will be a Collector’s Edition, a Steel Book edition, a Digital Deluxe and a Bonus edition alongside the vanilla release. There are no details at the moment for what these editions will contain, bar the Collector’s Edition. It will contain an exclusive miniature model of the Mercedes-AMG GTS and a detailed car-lover’s guide written by the experts at Polyphony Digital themselves. Both the Steel Book and Bonus edition will contain a host of digital exclusives and extras, so make sure to get the edition that suits you best.

As more details emerge over the coming days, we will keep you updated.


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